Grab the institutional investing edge

Do you like to win? So do we. Successful investing is about compounding positive results across the long-term and solid risk management, to smooth over the bumps on the road. Sounds simple. It's not. Sometimes, the best decisions are so counter-intuitive that it takes every ounce of fortitude and intelligence to make the smart choice. So you need an expert you can trust to make decisions and bounce ideas off of. That's where we at Grizzly Peak come in. We stay Zen. We relieve you from the stress of having to worry about it. You get to live a life full of meaning and purpose. Be set free.

grizzly peak long short strategies

Long Short Strategies

Even though it would be nice if they did, markets don't always go up. Sometimes they go down, and sometimes they go down so far that they don't come back. The old Kool-Aid mantra of buy and hold can potentially wipe out investor returns in the modern era. Why?


Profit Focus

The Grizzly Peak platform is geared to grow assets, just as it should be. Your portfolio performance will benefit from robust improvements in top line selection and risk management while maximizing returns through to the bottom line through our efficient structure. The costs of doing business are incentivized for performance.

financial advisor intelligence hub

Intelligence Hub

Grizzly Peak clients are smart, entrepreneurial, people with a vision. That's why we enjoy working with them so much. They are inundated with information at work, through out the day, and at home. Sometimes when you are so busy it's difficult to filter out the noise and make the best decision. That's where we come in.


Fiduciary Standard

At Grizzly Peak we chose to build our model based on the fiduciary standard and are a registered investment advisor. This is considered to be the top level of customer care available and puts us in an elite group of fiduciaries that are required to act in your best interest and avoid conflicts of interest. We are structured to do the best for you.

How We Work

coffeeshop in Oakland At Grizzly Peak we listen to you. Learn about your hopes, dreams, and challenges. We'll do a Portfolio Review. Look across all your investments and drill into the myriad of antiquated mutual funds that you, like many other people, may still have. Then we think. You'll learn if what you are trying to do is in harmony with what you have. Are returns maximized? Are you taking too much risk? What about the commissions and fees you're getting charged by your current financial advisor? Discover excellence.

sign up meeting with financial advisor in Oakland or Berkeley We'll create a smart portfolio strategy that takes into account your cash flow now and in the future. You'll benefit from the advantages that are typically used by big institutional investors enjoy. Signing up is very simple and usually only takes just a short time to complete electronically, to open up an account with us and the custodian TD Ameritrade Institutional, where your account will be held. We'll get the assets moved and begin pruning and building out the portfolio.

Oakland Berkeley Bay bike ride Now you can sit back and relax. Imagine all the great experiences you can have with the time you save not worrying about your investments. That's what we do. We'll stay proactive and constantly monitor your portfolio, so you don't have to. Of course you can call us anytime regarding anything that comes to mind. Need advice or someone to brainstorm with, give us a call or send an email. We love the exchange of ideas! But most importantly, go enjoy the good life.